Software and web development

We develop websites and software on different platforms, adapting ourselves to our customer’s needs and advising them on the best solution for each project.

Experts on interfaces

Our developers accumulate many years of experience creating human web interfaces. We use frameworks such as Prototype,, MooTools or jQuery.

Technology platforms

We develop on the following platforms: PHP, .NET

Usability and accessibility analysis

We always start developing our websites by carrying out an usability analysis that will allow connecting with users and facilitating them access to what they want to find. To achieve this, we try to organize and sort the information in a simple and intuitive way, using techniques such as card-sorting.

Website development and SEO positioning

Our website developments comply with the minimum level of accessibility and guarantee correct viewing with the main browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome).

We do the layout using technologies that comply with the W3C standards (XHTML 1.1 Transitional or Strict, CSS2), adapting it to the client’s requirements, as well as respecting the SEO semantic coding, load speed optimization, website implementation with content management systems, microformats, SSI templates implementation, table-less markup, etc.

We work on the SEO starting from the development of our websites (SEO semantic coding, taking heed of the images…), we recommend our clients to post news or blogs on their website, content creation, search engine placement… All our clients enjoy free high quality hosting for one year, which is also key to a good placement.

Development with MVC pattern

Our developments are based on the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern, which allows separating the data access and the management, the control of the process and the user interface, a feature that makes them easy to maintain and scale.

Data base management systems

We are experts on the following database engines: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.